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Time Entry

Input from mobile and desktop by provider or back office

  • Overlap protection
  • Authorization enforcement per service
  • Math error elimination
  • Excel like input
  • Copy and Paste
  • Mobile Page Enhanced for simple input
  • Employee Pay rate per service
  • Provider input requires back office approval
  • Barcode enhanced for Automatic Fax Filing to cloud
  • Enforce tiered rate claim entry.
  • Alert when Progress report is due
  • Overtime Protection disallows input
  • Prohibits entering maximum service hours (RSP/RSD)


Many standard reports for almost anything you need as well as searching claims with specific filters.

  • Outstanding denials
  • Authorization balances
  • Certification Expirations
  • Powerful profit reporting by department, field supervisor, therapist, service etc
  • Custom creation of your own Client and Provider reports
  • Waiting Timecard input and approval
  • Employee Dashboard for notification and certification Expirations
  • Waiting progress reports and many more..


All payments can be automatically reconciled back to DDReports

  • Explanation of denials and payments allow viewing of original claims
  • No need to understand Modifiers. Automatically generated during billing
  • Automatically rebills unpaid claims when auths are available
  • Manual reconciliation for other funding sources
  • Insurance EOB payment and reconciliation
  • Paid or waivered insurance claims automatically routed to DDD

Services and Funding

Create unlimited funding sources with any number of services and pay rates.

  • Human readable display codes instead of cryptic 3 letter codes
  • Different codes for different rates
  • Insurance codes and CPT encoding
  • Associate individual employee rates per service code
  • Export billing by funding source
  • Easily distinguish tiered rates

Authorization Management

Override FOCUS synchronized Authorizations waiting for Support Coordinator or DDD ISP completion

  • Add Authorizations for any funding source
  • View closed and open Authorizations
  • View FOCUS balance
  • View real-time DDReports Balance
  • Guardian Login/view for balance

Employee Certifications

All required fields for tracking and authorization of employees

  • Auto email notification to providers when expiring
  • Matrix export for audit proof
  • All necessary fields for hire and licensing
  • Customizable columns for in-house training or other requirements


Payroll is an essential part of DDReports. Because the time worked is typically the same amount billed, providers or therapists enter their time in system through a simple excel like interface. Upon approval of management the export to payroll is simple and concise.

  • Exports to Excel
  • Direct Interface with AmCheck, the best payroll company in Arizona
  • Employee hire and termination interface to AmCheck to eliminate cross employee errors
  • Overtime on all or select employees
  • 1099 capable for select individuals
  • Payroll holding or suspension for non-conforming employees

ISP Management

Through our sister product, DDTracking all data and progress management is possible

  • Maximum ISP hour management
  • Functional objective and teaching strategy creation
  • Full Cloud document management with Fax and email ability
  • ETrial capture for simple therapist and provider capture of session and daily events
  • Therapist Scheduling integrates with HCBSCentral

Employee / Client HR Management

Capture employee, client and Guardian call or management issues on the fly

  • Fast and easy capture within anywhere in application
  • Task creation for user and providers
  • Full in application texting and reply capture
  • OIG.gov and SAM.gov integrated solution
  • Email notification for expiring certifications

Screen Shots

  • ...


    Employee Dashboard to raise alerts and notifications from management or DDReports.

  • ...

    Timecard Input

    Excel like Timecard input allows for simple and error free provider and back office input.

  • ...

    Faxed Timecards

    No busy tone fax number allows you to fax in timecards. Barcode auto-associates to provider, client and pay period!

  • ...

    Calendar Input

    Input daily service for whole month in seconds! Authorizations are always live so mistakes and over billing is impossible

  • ...

    Quick Profit view

    See your profit many different ways. By provider, office, supervisor or by service type. Subtract out payroll to get true costs.

  • ...

    Receive Insurance Payments

    If you bill insurance you'll be delighted to see a process that allows you to receive payments and have the balance billed to DDD automatically!.

  • ...

    Employee Management

    Employee Certifications shown on dashboard and notifications sent to employee when they are about to expire.

About us


DDReports was started when and agency approached us to create a solution to help rid them of excel manual spreadsheets. This owner, realizing the only way to remain profitable, needed to automate the redundant processes and remove any human error that could be injected into the process. Given years of development, Win Solutions created the first DDReports web solution and has ever since enhanced and knows the division requirements thoroughly. The company has years of application engineering and its full time job is supporting and developing DDReports.com and DDTracking.com. The company does not do any other sort of business like IT or networking and is not an agency to compete with your business. All information is kept highly protected and is HIPAA complaint

Customer Base

DDReports is used by the majority of larger agencies doing business with DDD and many agencies with less than 200 clients. Because our business is centered around supporting DDD agencies, we are available 24/7 for technical support and help. Our customers come first and most ideas/features are implemented when requested. This is the reason the product is so feature rich and the reason we often hear "Where have you been?".


DDReports.com + DDTracking.com + ProfessionalExclusions.com + HCBSCentral.com (EVV AutoVisit)

($ 400.00 / month minimum)

$ 3.75 per active client / month

  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Certification Management
  • Authorization Management
  • ATC Monitoring
  • Adhoc Reporting
  • Therapy Billing
  • No Installation or training charges
  • Functional Objective management
  • Employee HR tracking
  • Cloud document storage
  • Therapy Scheduling
  • SOAP Note and Goal Management
  • Quarterly and monthly progress reporting (Sent to DDD electronically)
  • Monthly OIG and SAMS checking (With Proof PDF's!)

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